Everything You Need to Know About Bowling Alleys in Suffolk County, NY

Discover everything you need to know about bowling alleys in Suffolk County NY. Enjoy exclusive experiences with VIP packages that include private rooms, dedicated servers, food & drinks & more.

Everything You Need to Know About Bowling Alleys in Suffolk County, NY

Are you looking for a unique and exclusive experience? Then the VIP package at bowling alleys in Suffolk County, NY is the perfect choice for you. This package typically includes a private room, a dedicated server, food and drink, unlimited bowling, and shoe rental. It's ideal for corporate events or large groups who want to enjoy a more exclusive experience. Port Jefferson Bowl is one of the most renowned bowling venues in Long Island.

This 36-lane bowling center offers professional-grade rinks, a pro shop, an on-site bar, pool tables, arcade games, and a full-service bar. It's the ideal spot for a fun-filled day or night out with family and friends. The venue also has 48 tracks, 40-inch LCD rear monitors, automatic bumpers, garters, cosmic bowling on Fridays and Saturdays in the summer, and a full-service lounge with pool tables, darts, music and karaoke. The family fun center has 32 courts (16 currently in use) with state-of-the-art touchscreen monitors and 42 LED televisions.

Plus, you can enjoy glowing bowling alleys and glowing bowling balls! There are also arcade games and the Showplace Sports Bar and Snack Bar which offers pizzas, salads, wraps and more. Another great bowling alley in Suffolk County is the 38 court venue with a jukebox with Internet access, a well-stocked cafeteria, bowling lessons, bowling with bumpers, darts and bowling league. It's the perfect place to enjoy classic bowling or luxury bowling.

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