Safety Protocols in Place at Bowling Alleys in Suffolk County, NY

As bowling alleys across New York State prepare to reopen on Monday with strict safety protocols such as wooden barriers between benches & glass barriers between customers & bowling balls.

Safety Protocols in Place at Bowling Alleys in Suffolk County, NY

As bowling alleys across New York State prepare to reopen on Monday, owners and staff are taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of their customers. Chris Keller, owner of The All Star in Riverhead, has installed wooden barriers between benches, a disinfection station with UVC light to sanitize bowling balls and shoes, and a machine to control the temperature of everyone entering the building. Under state guidelines, bowling alleys must remain at 50 percent capacity or less. All bowlers and staff must cover their faces and all other lanes must be closed.

Parties must remain in their lane and the staff must order and deliver any food or drink that is served. It is also necessary to clean and disinfect shared or rented equipment between each use, and all food service must follow all guidelines issued by the state. Nassau County Assemblyman John Mikulin said that bowling owners, like other business owners, want everyone to be safe. Columbus Square Bowling Palace owner George Hadler said he's not taking shortcuts when it comes to the safety of his customers.

He said that customers are not allowed where bowling balls are kept, and that a glass barrier is placed between the balls and the customers. Patient bowlers and bowling alleys finally got the news they were expecting from Governor Andrew Cuomo, who announced Friday that bowling centers could reopen on Monday with strict safety protocols. Long Island is a land full of bowlers (15,000 in the leagues alone), not to mention families who hit the slopes on weekends, and excitement runs through their world after five months of inactivity due to COVID-19, said Steven Sanders, executive director of the United States Bowling Congress from Long Island. Bowling alleys across the state were closed along with most other businesses to slow the spread of the coronavirus when its spread peaked in New York in March.

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran praised the reopening and said she believes it's time to reopen bowling alleys and gyms. Chris Keller of The All Star said that since the closure, the owners have focused on developing a plan for a “clean, responsible and safe” reopening when the time came. At Port Jeff Bowl, customers can enjoy a good time with friends and family while following safety protocols. John LaSpina mentioned that bowlers from the southern area of the state will travel to New Jersey and Connecticut to go bowling.

At Columbus Square Bowling Palace, there is a Glo Bowl every Friday and Saturday night. Strike 10 Lanes Deer Park participates in Kids Bowl. Levittown Lanes finally won recognition from legislators, including County Executive Laura Curran and Legislator John Ferretti, who visited the bowling alley earlier this month. After being closed for nearly six months due to the coronavirus pandemic, bowling alleys are due to be able to reopen in New York State on Monday with strict safety protocols.

Andrew Cuomo said last week that bowling alleys in New York could reopen as long as certain protocols are in place. With just a few days notice before reopening, owners spent Friday scrambling to call employees, set up sanitizing stations, stocking up on food and beverages, and making changes to adapt to new rules. Bowling alleys in Suffolk County have taken extra precautions to ensure customer safety when they reopen on Monday. These measures include maintaining 50 percent capacity or less; covering faces; closing all other lanes; remaining with assigned groups; thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting shared or rented equipment; following all state guidelines for food service; placing glass barriers between customers and bowling balls; and developing plans for a “clean, responsible and safe” reopening.

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